About GlamorEye

The Skin Research Institute first thought about developing high-quality eye masks when we came upon a major innovation. A high-tech German research laboratory had designed a collagen patch so potent it could heal even 3rd-degree burns faster than ever. So our Chief of Research and Development met with the German scientists. Together, they worked towards adapting the revolutionary healing proprieties of the German Medical-Grade Collagen to safely improve every day’s irritations and aging signs. GlamorEye was born after 23 months of scientific development. We used the same technique as the healing patches, with only a slight variation. Thanks to its high-quality medical-grade collagen, GlamorEye could remove fatigue and stress from around your eyes, plump up your skin and give you a radiant glow in an instant.

According to research, you could notice immediate improvement...

...After 20 minutes, your skin could be 60% more hydrated…

...Redness could be 27.5% less noticeable, wrinkles 15% less visible...

...From the first use.

When regularly used once a week and combined with a great anti-aging cream, GlamorEye will keep improving your eye area. We won’t promise you that you will look half your age, but we can tell you that you will look younger and healthier, without surgery… And, after just a few applications of your newly found eye masks, you will notice that the promised instant results will last longer. You will look rested and serene… Your confidence will grow with your sex appeal… Because taking charge of your beauty means taking charge of your life. Check out our science page for more details on GlamorEye.

And, because the Skin Research Institute thrives in its customers’ satisfaction, we offer a full 60-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee. We want you to be happy and beautiful.


Your Skin Deserves Elegance And Gentle Care.